Tiangong University (TGU) has a long history and profound accumulation. The earliest discipline -- textile discipline was founded in 1912, and has now become the largest and most modern textile colleges and universities in north China. It is the pioneer of textile higher education and the leader in the field of industrial textiles. The College of Textile Science and Engineering of Tiangong University is an important training and scientific research base for modern textile talents in China. As a national key discipline, the school has the right to grant first-level discipline doctor and first-level postdoctoral research station in textile Science and engineering. In 2017, the discipline of Textile Science and Engineering was selected into the national  Double First-Class  discipline construction sequence and obtained A+ in the fourth National Discipline Evaluation. The disciplines of chemistry, engineering and materials supported by the disciplines of textile science and engineering have entered the top 1% of ESI globally.

In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 200 national research projects such as National Key Research and Development Program of China, 863 Programs, 973 Programs, National Science and Technology Support Programs, National major science and technology projects and National Natural Science Foundation. In the past decade, the school has won 7 second prizes of the Scientific and Technological Progress awards, 1 second prizes of national teaching achievements, and more than 100 awards of provincial and ministerial science and technology and teaching achievements. It has built 17 teaching and research platforms at the national and provincial levels, such as the State Key Laboratory, the National Engineering Research Center, the Key Laboratory/provincial engineering Center of the Ministry of Education, the national Textile Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and the national Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

The school has a strong faculty of more than 170 teachers. It has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 Cheung kong Scholars, 5 Winners of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 expert of the Discipline Evaluation Group of The State Council1 National Outstanding Talents, 4 National Project for Tens of Millions of Talents, 2 winners of China Textile Academic Award, 4 Experts with Government Special Allowance of The State Council, 3 outstanding Talents of Tianjin, 2 Leading Talents of Innovative Science and Technology of Tianjin and Outstanding University of Tianjin There are 1 scholar, 7 Special (lecture) professors of Tianjin, 3 famous teaching teachers of Tianjin, and 7 candidates of the first level of Tianjin 131 Talent Cultivation Project.

For a long time, the textile discipline of Tiangong University has a high academic reputation and social influence at home and abroad. It has made pioneering contributions in the fields of three-dimensional woven composite materials, hollow fiber membrane materials, fiber interface processing technology and nonwoven materials. It is an important training base for innovative talents in related fields and an international academic exchange platform. Many scientific research achievements have been applied in major engineering projects such as Chang 'e Flying to the Moon project, Shenzhou spacecraft and strategic missiles, as well as engineering fields such as seawater desalination and sewage treatment, and have made significant contributions to China's aerospace, national defense industry and national strategic livelihood projects.

The College has four undergraduate majors, Textile Engineering, light chemical Engineering, Nonwoven Materials and Engineering, and Costume Design and Engineering, all of which have the conferral right of bachelor, master and doctor at three levels. There are nearly 1600 undergraduates, 600 postgraduates and more than 100 international students in the school.

Textile Engineering

After long-term construction, the textile engineering major has become a national characteristic major, a brand major in Tianjin, and a dominant characteristic major in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Tianjin. In 2018, it passed the professional certification of engineering education. Adhering to the school-running philosophy of student oriented, open and integrated and the school-running mode of thick foundation, wide caliber and different direction, the major has set up five major directions including modern textile technology, textile fashion creative design, textile and garment Business and trade, textile and garment standards and testing, and advanced knitting technology and product development according to the structure and layout of the modern textile industry chain. And set up textile intelligent manufacturing new engineering class, textile and garment trade international class, knitting technology and product development excellence class and other special classes. In the professional teaching implementation of diversified talent training, the combination of engineering and art, digital information engineering training and other special teaching, so that students in social responsibility, humanistic quality, professional knowledge, engineering practice and innovation ability have been comprehensively improved, undergraduate education and teaching has achieved fruitful results.In the past three years, more than 600 students of this major have won awards in international and domestic industry competitions continuously. Many graduates have become the backbone and backbone of technology and management of textile industry enterprises, which has been widely praised by the industry.

The major has always attached great importance to the development of internationalization. At present, it has established friendly cooperative relations with more than 20 high-level universities in more than a dozen countries, such as the United States, Britain and Germany, providing an important platform for students' international training. The major has played an active role in integrating with the international community, serving the country's One Belt, One Road strategy, training international talents and educating foreign students.

Nonwoven Materials and Engineering

Nonwoven materials are an important part of China's strategic emerging fiber materials, belonging to the national 13th Five-Year Plan key development direction, products are widely used in national defense, aerospace, environmental protection, medical and health, water conservancy engineering, civil construction and other fields.

This major takes the lead in setting up the major direction of nonwoven fabric (non-woven fabric) in China, and has developed into a national characteristic major and an application-oriented major in Tianjin's 13th Five-Year Plan. It has set up the nonwoven materials and engineering specialty class and the excellent engineer experimental class. Since its establishment, this major has been widely concerned and loved by the industry, and has been developing rapidly. It has made remarkable achievements in discipline construction, student training, practical teaching, foreign exchanges and other aspects, and has a prominent influence in domestic and foreign colleges and industries. At present, the major ranks the first in China. The faculty of this specialty has undertaken nearly 100 national and provincial scientific research projects and established close cooperative relations with many enterprises in scientific research, personnel training, industry-university-research cooperation and so on. It has cultivated a large number of complex senior engineering and technical talents with international vision, pioneering and innovative spirit and practical ability for China's nonwoven industry. It is known as the cradle of China's nonwoven personnel training.

Light chemical Engineering

Light Chemical Engineering was founded in 1958. It is a national characteristic major and a dominant characteristic major in Tianjin's 13th Five-Year Plan. Set up light chemical engineering professional class and top-notch innovation experimental class. This major has a first-class teaching team Tianjin Dyeing and Finishing Engineering Series Teaching Team, which attaches equal importance to teaching and research. The professional education and teaching quality is at the leading level among similar colleges in China. According to its own characteristics and advantages, the major adheres to the educational concept of attaching equal importance to theory and practice, and cultivates senior engineering and technical talents with engineering practice ability on the basis of systematically mastering the basic knowledge of chemistry and chemical industry.

The graduates of this major have played a prominent role in the research and development of high value-added functional clothing and fabrics, the development and application of high-performance special flexible materials, the development of green clean dyeing and finishing technology and other fields, and have been highly recognized by the business community in the industry.

Costume Design and Engineering

This major is a brand major in Tianjin, the university's first-class undergraduate major construction point. It aims to cultivate high-quality application-oriented garment professionals who master the basic theory and professional knowledge of complex engineering in garment and related fields, and are competent in garment production process, production technology, product development, quality management and evaluation, enterprise management, new technology application, etc., and have the innovation consciousness, international vision, investigation and communication ability. The garment teachers and students have won the prize in dozens of professional competitions at home and abroad. The graduates are all at home and abroad, engaged in fashion education, fashion design and technology, fashion enterprise management and other work, some of them have become professors of fashion colleges and universities, well-known enterprise leaders, for the Chinese fashion industry to cultivate many top talents, made a huge contribution.

Every year, the college cultivates a group of outstanding graduates, most of whom choose to work in textile industry related enterprises, and their work ability is well received by the industry and enterprises. The signing rate of graduates reaches 85% and the employment rate reaches 95%.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the textile discipline of Tianjin Polytechnic University is striving towards the goal of building a world-class textile discipline with distinctive features and international reputation.